The Anatomy of a Bully

1. A bully will invent an enemy to justify and promote their shitty worldview.

Donald Trump does this so much we might as well name it after him. But Donald Trump is so bad that we’ve actually named a lot of things after him, depending on the context. As a noun, a Trumpism can be a word or phrase Trump invented (covfefe) or jumbled (“warmest condolences”). As a political ideology, Trumpism is nonsensical nationalism stoked by fear and deep-rooted racism and xenophobia.

  1. Trump supports a child molester for U.S. Senate.
  2. The alternative is a guy who believes in abortion.
  3. I don’t believe in abortion.
  4. Therefore, it is morally good to support a man with a long, known history of sexually targeting and molesting children,
  5. so it makes sense that Trump would support a child molester for U.S. Senate.

2. A bully punches down, never up.

Trump will attack people who pose no real threat to him because attacking them gives Trump the ability to feel good having fought someone without having any risk of failure on the line. Because Trump is a little bitch. He will insult and/or attack North Korea, women, liberals, the media, and just about anything “safe” — he won’t insult Vladimir Putin, because Putin has the ability to completely upend (or end, in the case of many Russian journalists) Trump’s life.

3. Bullies thrive by tearing others down

Bullies don’t just get their rocks off landing a cheap punch — they need it to keep the self-reflection at bay. And so, a bully gets hooked on the cycle:

She posted recently that she hasn’t talked about me at all since February 2016. But receipts. Receipts never lie.

4. Bullies can talk the talk, but never walk the walk.

I mentioned earlier my bully’s hypocrisy about “bootstraps” while being handed a job. But there’s a bevy of other examples. She talks about how important it is to “suck it up” almost in the same breath that she talks about moving to Los Angeles in the hopes of getting discovered (original!) only to leave after a short six months. How’s that for work ethic?

*chef kiss*

5. Bullies cannot tolerate those they bully being happy and successful.

Donald Trump hates when people he doesn’t like succeed, even if it’s not even close to the same scale as his own success. I mean, Hillary Clinton wrote a book and Trump couldn’t stop — hasn’t stopped — raging on about her. Because although she is not president, she is not unhappy. She is not financially burdened. She doesn’t have to deal with her dentures falling out in the middle of a speech or the lowest approval ratings for any president in the history of time itself. She could handle those things, and she’d probably be doing an alright job, but aside from that: she’s happy. And that’s a problem to Trump. He morally, intellectually, and philosophically lost to her and he can’t get over it.



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